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Care of Folkbildningen – Eslöv / Загальноосвітня програма для українців м. Есльов

Care of Folkbildningen is a program for displaced Ukrainians, aged 18 years and above, who are subject to temporary protection due to the war in Ukraine. It aims to support participants to ease their way into the Swedish society, facilitate access to employment and improve social inclusion.

Course details

The course focus is on learning Swedish and how the Swedish society and labor market functions.

The course is free of charge. On days with classes in both the morning and afternoon, the school will provide a free lunch.


SFI testing

Ukrainian migrants do not currently have the right to study SFI (Swedish for immigrants) but have the right to take the SFI tests and get graded. The school will help participants wishing to take these tests.



The course runs for 20 hours per week during the day, from 23 January until 23 June, 2023.

New participants will be accepted throughout this period.



Eslövs folkhögskola, Sturegatan 14

If you live more than 3 kilometers from the school, you will get a free bus pass from the Swedish Migration Agency. The school will provide proof that you are attending the course.


How to apply

For all questions and to apply, please email Christoffer at: c.blomstergren@eslovsfhsk.se

Hur ansöker jag?

To apply, please email Christoffer at: c.blomstergren@eslovsfhsk.se

We accept applications continuously.
  • Care of Folkbildningen for Ukrainians is a project funded by the European Social Fund.