SFI – Malmö

Malmö SFI school offers individualized courses adapted to your previous experience and requirements. Eslövs folkhögskola runs SFI courses in Malmö, Lund and Eslöv.

Why should I study at Malmö SFI school?

Our SFI courses are available for SFI B, SFI C or SFI D. Our aim is to prepare you for further studies or work, and support you to reach your goals quickly,

We offer a range of study options to suit your preference:

Intensive daytime, 25 hours per week
An intensive daytime study option for participant with a minimum of 13 years of formal education, are accustomed to studying and can study effectively for five hours per weekday.

Daytime, 15 hours per week
A daytime study option for those who have 7-12 years of formal education and need a more relaxed pace. We often use computers as aids, and it’s good if you have some computer skills or an interest in gaining computer literacy.

Evenings, 6 hours per week
The evening study option is for those who have at least 13 years of formal education and want to study SFI but have daytime obligations such as work or other studies.

You will find us at Folkuniversitetet’s premises on Propellergatan 1 in Västra Hamnen, Malmö. You can easily get here by bus: either line 2 – stop Kockum Fritid, or line 3 – stop Propellergatan.

Collaboration with Folkuniversitetet

Eslövs folkhögskola is the principal of the courses, conducts all education and has the right to grade for SFI. We collaborate with Folkuniversitet on SFI in Malmö and Lund, with well-educated teachers and modern premises.

Eslövs folkhögskola was founded in 1897 and Folkuniversitetet in 1942 with the aim to meet society’s educational needs and our combined strengths give participants the best possible foundation.

SFI courses are an important step towards successful integration, which is why we place great importance on active participation and bringing people together through conversations. With dedicated teachers and individually tailored courses, we help students with strong digital and study skills to quickly reach a level of Swedish which will allow them to pursue further studies or employment.

You will find Malmö SFI school at Folkuniversitetet’s premises on Propellergatan 1 in Västra Hamnen, Malmö. It is easy to reach us by bus, either number 2 – stop Kockum Fritid, or number 3 – stop Propellergatan.


Hur ansöker jag?

Do you want to study SFI in Malmö?
You have the right to personally choose your SFI school. If you want to study with us, you must actively register Malmö SFI School as your school of choice.

After you’ve registered for Malmö SFI school, we’ll contact you within one to two months. A teacher will assess your Swedish skills, and you’ll be placed in the course that suits you best.

You apply for the course through Malmö Stad, Föreningsgatan 7A, tel 040-343335.

Read about the course aims and assessment criteria: Syllabus for SFI.

Apply through Malmö Stad We accept applications continuously.